Project Scope

Himes has worked directly within Verizon’s Corporate Real Estate Group for over 10 years, providing program management, strategic planning, local planning, project management and relocation management services on a national basis. Projects ranged from interior office renovation projects within large campus environments to large-scale technical and mission critical projects. For example:

Acting as Program Manager, Himes managed the disposition of a 500,000 SF building and the disposition of The 1095 Avenue of the America’s Headquarters, a 1.2M SF building, as well as the relocation of approximately 2,500 staff. Taking the program lead for the various project teams for the resulting disposition relocation projects, Himes coordinated over 40 different user groups moving into 12 different buildings with multiple floors in the NYC region. This is inclusive of furniture, voice/data, IT, architects and engineers plus other vendors. In addition to the Program Manager lead responsibilities, Himes also provided owner’s representative services overseeing the design and construction for various projects in support of the overall disposition program detailed above.

Verizon has continued its relationship with Himes in an assortment of mission critical projects including the design and construction of data centers, call centers, network operation centers and the Company’s new Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) Video Hub Offices (VHO). The FTTP program is Verizon’s premier strategic initiative for FIOS and the VHO’s are the technical and operations facilities that collect and regenerate the video content for the program. The VHO’s are designed in accordance with strict Verizon standards and have several layers of redundant electrical and mechanical systems to ensure maximum uptime.

Currently, Himes provides staff augmentation services within the Strategic Planning and Local Planning Regions across the country, whose primary function is to help examine opportunities to consolidate, dispose and maximize the usage of the real estate portfolio in an effort to reduce portfolio redundancies. Local planners are typically on-site and manage the individual projects as approved. Local planners are responsible for customer interface, programming, space planning and relocation management.

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