Verizon / AOL

Project Scope (Verizon)

Himes has provides Project Management services for various projects throughout the United States for Verizon Properties, Inc. Through successful delivery of owner’s representation services, Verizon’s real estate consists of phone hub and POP facilities, video hub offices, satellite head ends, offices, call centers, switching centers, data centers, and warehouse facilities.

Project locations range from New York to Florida to California and many points in between. Verizon has developed its own structured methodology for the strategic planning and approval processes controlled and managed by Verizon. Once a project has received final logistical and financial approvals, Himes engages the various design and construction sub consultants and vendors necessary to deliver the project on time and on budget. Project budgets and schedules are maintained by Himes as well as all meeting minute notes and various other communications and documentation.

Benefits Derived

  • Directly responsible for $4.5MM of savings in construction dollars for “1095 Avenue of the Americas” Disposition
  • Reduction of space (approximately 30% less) in new build outs due to more efficient layouts and corporate standard spaces
  • Reduced operating expense (head count) through workload augmentation

Himes Capabilities

  • Project Management
  • Development Management
  • Construction Management
  • Program Management

Project Scope (AOL)

Himes Associates, Ltd. began its partnership agreement with AOL in 1999. Initial services began as augmenting move-in and post-move supervision for AOL’s 230,000 SF Creative Center 2 (CC2). AOL was so pleased with Himes’ performance; they requested an initial three year agreement for Himes to manage all relocation projects nationally including the multi-million SF Dulles, Virginia campus. Workload requirements include two full-time, on-site Himes project managers as well as an Account Manager to arrange, facilitate, document and implement AOL’s ever-changing expansion and contraction real estate portfolio and relocation needs.

AOL’s meteoric rise in the technology industry had been extraordinary; they grew from 400,000 SF in 1996 to 4.5 Million SF in 2001. At the beginning of the initial agreement, AOL’s annual “churn” rate ranged between 40% and 70%, while simultaneously consolidating into their Dulles Virginia Campus. Himes formulated alternative approaches to develop standardized relocation management process and procedures for AOL. By understanding AOL’s corporate mandate, individual business unit objectives and employee needs, Himes evaluated the advantages and disadvantages to various master relocation management plans.

Through that exercise, Himes established an overall relocation plan which included:

  • Master move database - Master relocation schedules
  • Relocation budgets - Move committee meeting criteria
  • Employee seminar plans - Relocation guide
  • Mover/vendor RFP's - On-site supervision
  • Invoice reconciliation procedures

Himes has implemented these procedures on large, multi-phased moves as well as daily, churn moves. Head counts for moves range anywhere from 15 people to 1,100 people. Himes won Vendor of the Year, “for dedication and outstanding service, quality and customer focus.”

Benefits Derived

  • Substantially reduced cost per move, per employee
  • Faster, more effective scheduling of move projects enhancing employee productivity (no downtime)
  • Streamlined process for tracking, coordinating and integrating moves in Web-based SpanFM

Himes Capabilities

  • Construction Management
  • Project Management
  • Relocation Management