Proyecto Genesis: Team Himes GSD Raises Money for over 115 Children’s Schooling & Healthcare

Our Team at Himes embodies our motto: “Get Stuff Done!”

By Lauren Duvall

Living and working as “Team GSD” is how the teammates at Himes serve our clients and successfully deliver their real estate projects – each. and. every. time.  This guiding principle is how we look for and recruit the best experts in construction management.  It is how we maintain our status as industry leaders of Owner’s Representation. Getting Stuff Done means navigating hurdles by using all of your resources and always finding a way forward.

The Associates at Himes manifest themselves as Team GSD daily, finding every available path forward for their project teams, despite incremental development constraints. Our world-class, Fortune 500 clients form long-lasting relationships for decades with us, knowing Team GSD understands both their needs and wants, as well as their challenges and how to solve them. Our clients are proud of the projects that Team GSD partners with them on!

Himes’ Team GSD goes beyond benefiting our clients and supporting their success. Our number one operating principle is: People are Important!  It seems so simple, yet humanity can get lost in the fast-paced industries we support…

The importance of people goes beyond work and into the community; Team GSD is active in outreach and volunteering efforts, particularly in what our CEO Paul Himes terms as:

“High Impact, Direct Impact” Giving

This includes direct volunteering and donations to groups that have low, no or observed overhead, and the money, supplies and medicine go DIRECTLY dollar for dollar to those in need.

Our recent Himes Giving Back effort was in the name of our CEO, Paul Himes! Our highly energized team stepped up to the plate and donated $2,500 on behalf of Paul’s birthday to Project Genesis, Paul’s charity, and mission of choice.

In response, Himes Associates matched the employee donation! Based on the lean operating budget of Project Genesis, operations for the school will be supported for 4 months from this money! This is truly “High Impact, Direct Impact”.

Project Genesis is a non-profit in Guatemala that serves over 115 children ages 3-14, providing them with educational support and health services. There are over 400 children in the surrounding communities that need the project’s services, and they are expanding every day.

Paul is an active volunteer for Project Genesis and will be onsite this Fall 2021.

IG feed: @projectgenesis_guatemala



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