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Yesterday in Tysons, Paul Himes had the pleasure of joining an esteemed panel of Real Estate and Facilities executives for a CoreNet Mid-Atlantic Chapter’s Education Program focused on one of the hottest topics in business today: Technology Tools.  As the number – and sophistication – of applications and system offerings has grown, the process of evaluating and deploying these tools has become increasingly difficult across Corporate Real Estate.  In Technology Tools: How Technology is Being Used Across Corporate Real Estate, the group discussed the various options that are available and how they can be leveraged to streamline processes and reporting and increase CRE efficiencies.

To download a full copy of the presentation (9MB): CRE Technology Tools_06.13.12 FINAL

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Reed Stvan, Fox RPM Corp; Al Nielsen, AOL Inc; Derrick Millard, GEICO; Paul Himes, Himes Associates, Ltd; Jim Barlowe, Accenture
From left to right: Reed Stvan, Fox RPM Corp; Al Nielsen, AOL Inc; Derrick Millard, GEICO; Paul Himes, Himes Associates, Ltd; Jim Barlowe, Accenture

The program was kicked off by Derrick Millard, Director of Real Estate and Facilities Management for GEICO.  Derrick’s presentation was centered around how technology can influence business volume and practices as well as how to utilize technology in order to increase efficiencies and capture valuable cost savings.  His discussion began with a look at how technology has increased business, thus shifting how we develop, manage and monitor IT and Facilities projects and strategy.  He next provided examples of how GEICO has utilized technology in their strategic decision-making to produce a reduction in operating expenses.

The program next moved to Paul Himes, President and CEO of Himes Associates, Ltd.  Paul provided an owner’s rep perspective on how technology is used to track projects and how project management collaborative software fits into the overall program of Workplace Strategy tools.  Specifically, he identified the different types and levels of PM software available and discussed some of the benefits and drawbacks of the two main levels: robust, multi-feature integrated PM software and PM software “Lite.”

Next, we moved to Al Nielsen, Vice President of Corporate Solutions for AOL Inc.  Al shared with the audience AOL’s recent experience with choosing and implementing a software solution that would not only automate lease administration and other CRE processes, but that could be adaptable to changing business needs as well as interface with partners and data outside of CRE.  His presentation included valuable tips for those looking to deploy new systems such as keep it simple and make sure you do your homework – with all the available options, you want to be sure to choose one that aligns with CRE and company strategy.

The program concluded with Jim Barlow, Senior Manager, Real Estate Solutions, at Accenture.  Jim focused on Accenture Real Estate Solutions and how the firm’s unbiased advisory services have aided organizations in the implementation of Integrated Workplace Management Systems and other technology-related tools and processes.  As a case study, he looked at Accenture’s own workplace technology strategy and how technology has enabled continued changes and optimized business results within the organization.

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