The Mystery of the Missing Workers

Seems that we are not the only ones feeling this pinch in our efforts to attract talent. In the recent article “The Mystery of the Missing Workers” from Barron’s, there sure seems to be some credence to this. Having spoken with many of you recently on this very topic, I know it is at or near the top of your lists of concerns.

Specific to our industry and region, there seems to be a recurring pain in trying to hire mid-level talent – those with 5-10 years experience in the real estate and construction fields. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out the cause of this dearth of talent. The lack of hiring, training and experience in this experience level can mostly be attributed to the results of the post Lehman Brothers era induced recession.

Yes, this upturn in demand for our services translates into somewhat increased margins, (or potential for them) but if we cannot perform to the level at which our clients demand and deserve, then it exacts a great long term cost to our business in terms of sullied reputation and lack of willingness for clients to repeat with us. Something NONE of us can afford or allow.

Here at Himes Associates, Ltd. we have to cast a wide net and constantly be on the lookout for new talent. Being busy is a GOOD thing in this rising (albeit moderately) market. It seems we are constantly running ads on LinkedIn, Indeed, and various industry / association boards. And in several markets concurrently.

Just thought I would share this, since many of you feel the same thing…..  So if you know of any great talent in project management, real estate development in the commercial and mission critical sectors send them our way ! If of course you have not snagged them first!

Hope that 2015 continues at this pace…. Being busy sure feels good!




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