Johnny Come Lately to the Data Center Dance

Thunderstruck. Floored. Maryland (who?) announces they are trying to woo data centers. Better take a sip of coffee or I will faint.

Now I am from Maryland. Born and raised. Love Baltimore and the State of Maryland. To visit. As a place to do business, Maryland has historically lagged Virginia as a business hub. Geographically close, the two states border each other but seem to be different planets. Drive through Northern Virginia and witness the energetic hubs of Tysons Corner replete with corporate HQ; Reston with its mixed use developments; and the mecca of Reston Town Center These all lead out to one of wonders of the tech world, the center of harmonic convergence in the data center world, Ashburn. Drive through Maryland and see, well, strip malls. And the occasional office building.

Now I applaud Maryland for even trying here. And this is GREAT news for ByteGrid who has to compete with Prince William County’s aggressive courting of high tech firms, Buddy Rizer of Loudoun County and the formidable Martin Briley from the State of Va EDA. More depth to their excellent offerings.

This move should especially hearten brokers who will add this to their arsenal of financial weaponry and wizardry to lure folks to Ashburn and PW County.

As I have been saying for years to people asking how to get into the data center game, you have to be deeply committed, in it for the long haul and be willing to stake your capital and reputation.

Good luck Maryland. I want you to succeed and I applaud your coming to the dance, albeit late.



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